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As an acknowledgment to these unpredicted circumstances we find ourselves in, pianist and producer Thomas Landaas Eriksen releases a collection of eleven improvised music pieces titled VII NOCTIBUS. The album is recorded in the easter 2020. The first singel NATURAE will be released 7. of august 2020. 

NATURAE (August 7th): «It`s easy to hide behind lots of notes, but it’s not so easy to play a few notes, let the music breath and be vulnerable». 

EGO (August 28th): «A piano is just not a piano (…) I try to flow in the airspace and capture the shades of silence». 

NUMERO LUDUM (September 18th): «Quit like old times; Piano says. NO! Far out in the backwaters of The Piano; I says». 

THE FLOW (October 16th): «Is a «Thank you» to the transcendent meeting». Ironically, its only me involved in all the processes of making the Album

VII NOCTIBUS - Release November 6.

Taste for quiet music, mediative works on the cusp of ambient and classic music?

VII NOCTIBUS is like a soothing room you step into and live in. The soundscape is consistently beautiful, melodic and in a way mesmerizing. The eleven music pieces is composed and performed by Thomas Landaas Eriksen. 

Every mental phenomena is called intentional (and also mental) inexistence of an object. It refer to a content, a direction upon an object. From the fact that words are absent, it cannot be concluded that the interpretation is absent. That is to all acts, whether these are intertwined with expressing acts or not. 

What sense? Its a matter of interpretation!

In the immediate future, it is the act of realizing the unfitted purpose. What arises is not only characterized by what has happened, but what has happened is continuously judged on the bases of what occurs. 

Hopefully you can discover introspection and reflection unexpectedly.

Plug in your headphones, close your eyes, and there you are!





The Process


The Album was made in 7 nights - easter 2020. I play all instruments. I sing. I have composed, arranged/improvised, recorded, mixed, mastered and done all the artworks during this period. The sound is specialized for digital music platforms.

I wanted to explore the facilities of the Piano and work uncompromising with some frames. Silence, Organic sounds, Room, Time and Place, Body and Soul.It's Easy to listen to but not Easy listening!

The unique thing about the upcoming song The Flow is that  all instruments are played from start to finish without quantifying or moving parts of the tracks. 

Despite the fact that everything is done with my fingers and keys, the music is given lively dynamics. It’s extremely difficult and something you never hear in today`s pop music


Thomas Landaas Eriksen (born 4 December 1974 in Bergen) is a Norwegian musican, composer and record producer based in Vestfossen. He is both lecturer (master degree) in didactics and qualified as an associate professor in music.

Eriksen had an early introduction to music. As a child he grew up on an island in the south of Norway (Risøya) and up  the mountains in Telemark (Gaustatoppen). On late, hot summer nights he was out fishing while he was enchanted by the sound of his father playing «Egil Storbekken» on a tusseflute. You can imaging the melancholia timbre from the ecco of nature. 

In addition to his solo work, Eriksen has contributed on more than 80 records with other artists in different genres. He has also composed music to some of the biggest events in the Northern Europa, such as Hydro 100 years (2005) and the opening of the «Ormen Lange-feltet» (2007)

He mixes piano sounds with synthesizers, body and soul, a sound ranging from ambient, contemporary to atmospheric pop. 





A small selection of earlier works

Jonas  Fjeld: Hjemmeseier og De beste 60 år i livet 40 år på veien. (Keyboards, credits for composition contribution).

Madeleine Holden: Growth. (All arrangements, recordings, mixing and Keyboards)

Lars Martin Myhre: 10 Sanger (Hammond B3)

Vaarin: Even If I Started Seeing Rainbows. (Composer or co- composer on every songs , All arrangements, Keyboards, recording, mixing and Producer).

Louis Jacoby: Noen & ingenting (All piano)

Kai Huuse: Egentlig Kunstner (Piano and Hammond)

Arild Nyquist: I sans og samling (Piano og Hammond)

Bent Bredesen: Doggerland (Keys)

Hans Cato Kristiansen: A long Ride (Hammond)

Knut Nordhagen: Vinterblod, Dynaflow, Reds, Noisy Silence. (Hammond and Piano, Credits as composer.

Johny Aasgard: Collecting. (Keyboards)




Founded by Norwegian born music producer Thomas Landaas Eriksen 2020, Storm E Records is a truly independent record label with the growing taste for quiet, meditative works on the cusp of ambient and chamber music. The label floats gently between 20th century composition and ambient music.


Røkebergveien 45, 3320 Vestfossen




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